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  • 300000 Android devices activated per day says Rubin

    first_imgThe smartphone race has been a highly publicized one for some time now. Fanboys from every corner of the map have come out of the woodwork in support of their favorite mobile operating system, but the numbers have consistently spoken. Android has been on an explosive growth path for some time now, and despite the occasional doubting accusation that Android had been slowing down, we are once again provided with numbers that support a continued extreme growth rate.Late last night, in the third tweet he has ever sent, Google’s VP of Engineering Andy Rubin, brought us a little bit of information to dispel any doubts:AdChoices广告300,000 is an impressive landmark for a lot of reasons. There were 300,000 iPad’s sold on the first day. Twitter had a huge celebration when they reached 300,000 registrations. It’s a big deal for anything to hit 300,000.When you hit 300,000 PER DAY, however, things get a little more exciting. Very few things happen at such an insane rate. It’s not like Google is slowing down, either. Gingerbread is on it’s way, with Honeycomb right behind it, each bringing great new features and optimizations to make the OS even more enjoyable. What will Android’s next landmark be?via Twitterlast_img read more

  • Google Carriers Activate 300000 Android Phones a Day

    first_imgAccording to a recent tweet from Google VP Andy Rubin, “There are 300,000 Android phones activated each day.” Roughly two months ago, the company’s CEO Eric Schmidt told the press that the number was 200,000.The tweet arrived last night–it’s Rubin’s second since he first joined the miroblogging service. Back in October, Rubin kicked off the feed with a shot at Steve Jobs, after the Apple exec interrupted an earnings call to talk smack about Android’s “openness.” Rubin responded, tweeting, “the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make” “Rubin was more talkative at The Wall Street Journal‘s D: Get Into Mobile conference in San Francisco this week, however, unveiling a new Motorola tablet featuring Google’s forthcoming Android Honeycomb operating system.last_img read more

  • Fastest TMobile 4G smartphone is leaked in form of Samsung Vibrant 4G

    first_imgWhether we’re talking LTE, WiMax or HSPA+, 2011 is the year that 4G smartphones really start to take-off. We’ve already seen some of Verizon‘s 4G phones at last month’s CES, but not to be outdone, here comes T-Mobile with a 4G smartphone of their own. It’s called the Samsung Vibrant 4G, and it’s likely to be the fastest T-Mobile 4G phone yet.The leak comes via TMONews, which reveals three big new features for this upgraded Galaxy S series device: 21MBps-capable HSPA+ speeds (called 4G, but really just supercharged 3G), a front-facing camera for video chat with Qik ala FaceTime, and a bump to Froyo but — sadly — not Gingerbread.Otherwise, the Samsung Vibrant 4G is specced similarly to the Galaxy S, including a 1GHz processor, a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 16GB of onboard memory and a 5-megapixel rear camera ready for 720p HD video recording.No release or price or plans announced yet, but we should see the Vibrant 4G hitting T-Mobile in the next few months.Read more at TMONewslast_img read more

  • MSI WindPad 100W available now for 710

    first_imgMSI is a well-known maker of gaming accessories, PC’s and netbooks, yet their latest project(s) sees them breaking into the tablet world. One of these tablets is the WindPad 100W which you can now get hold of for $710 from Simply Electronics, though it has not officially been launched in the US yet.This could explain the price hike as the aforementioned retailer sources its products from the US, Europe and Asia, so they have obviously got hold of the device early and are selling them at a premium.In terms of spec the WindPad 100W has a 10.1″ screen running at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, it will be capacitive/multi-touch and be powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor. As for the OS it features Windows 7 Home Premium which is partnered with 2GB of DDR2 memory and a 32GB solid state disk.At the front of the display there is a small camera (used for video conferencing no doubt) and a camera at the back, though we do not know the MP rating for these. You also have a HDMI port, along with an SD card reader and USB 2.0 port.It sounds remarkably like the spec that was on the doomed Toshiba Folio 100, but as we reported in October of last year MSI is looking to hold back on Windows 7 in favor of the Android OS, so it may be wise to hold fire on buying this unless you are desperate to get hold of  it.Read more at Liliputinglast_img read more

  • Apple Stores secretly hoarding new iPad 2 shipments

    first_imgApple just isn’t coming close to supplying demand for the iPad 2. Stores across the country are completely sold out of the iPad 2, and even though I ordered one online within minutes of the order page going live, mine still hasn’t even shipped yet… and if you order one online now, it won’t come for five weeks.Right now, your best bet if you want an iPad 2 is to try to get one at an Apple Store… but don’t expect staff to be honest with you about whether or not there are any in stock. According to reports, Apple corporate has authorized its staff to tell “little white lies” to customers about iPad 2 shipments in an attempt to minimize the “utter havoc” happening in Apple’s retail stores.AdChoices广告Here’s how it works: Occasionally, Apple Stores get normal Fed Ex deliveries of new iPad 2 units. However, instead of selling them as soon as they come in, making getting an iPad 2 all about chance, Apple Stores are holding onto these units and selling them the next morning.What Apple Store employees have been authorized to do is straight out lie to customers if they ask if there are any iPad 2s on premises. Instead, they are told there are not, but to try again early the next morning.Back when the iPad was released, Apple tried to get new supplies of the iPad onto the store floor as soon as possible, with the end result of a lot of chaos and a lot of customer reservations getting lost in the process.To be honest, this whole iPad 2 situation is a mess. Apple clearly didn’t have anything close to the supply they needed to have on hand to launch the iPad 2, and with the Japanese tsunami, it looks like they will continue not to have it for sometime. They should have launched in April instead of making such a mess of things in March.Read more at Slashgearlast_img read more

  • 9 browser shortcuts everyone should know

    first_imgThe mark of a truly advanced computer user is knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts, the quick combos that seem like magic to mouse-dependent, casual typists. But although most techies operate with a full suite of operating system shortcuts in mind, they often neglect the ones built into web browsers. Considering how important the browser is to daily computing life, it’s a shame that most people don’t bother to master it. So here are the nine essential shortcuts for Chrome, IE9, or Firefox that everyone should know.Ctrl+FCtrl+F is the bread-and-butter shortcut of Internet research. Press this combination and you’ll get a search box that finds words and phrases on the current web page. Ctrl+F is particularly useful if your web search returns a forum thread or long article; instead of meticulously hunting for the statement you searched, you can use this shortcut to jump right to it. Ctrl+F is so incredibly powerful that the people who use it regularly are often shocked to find out that not everyone knows it exists.F5Now that Firefox and IE9 have moved their “refresh” buttons into the address bar to save space, F5 is handier than ever. Rather than carefully clicking that small, easily-missed icon, you can use a single button press to reload the page. F5 is especially useful if you’re waiting for a site to update, and need to reload it more than once. Lots of software programs also use F5 as their refresh/reload shortcut, so its a good one to memorize.F11Toolbars and buttons are fine when you’re browsing around, but once you find the page you want to read or the Google Doc you need to work on, those interface elements are just in the way. Fortunately, your browser includes a one-button path to a no-distraction zen mode. Press F11 and the current page will go into full screen view, pushing the stuff you don’t need out of the way and leaving behind a screen full of pure content.Home/EndSo rarely pressed that most people forget they exist, Home and End are actually a useful pair of keys if you know how they work in a browser. Home automatically jumps to the top of a page, while End takes you straight to the bottom. That functionality may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re wading through an update feed on Twitter or Facebook, pressing Home can save an awful lot of scroll-wheeling.Ctrl+Mouse Scroll Wheel or +/-Some websites seem to think that everyone in the world has 20/20 vision, so using dictionary-small text is perfectly acceptable. Fortunately, browsers have a zoom level that can compensate for those tiny fonts, as well as a simple shortcut to adjust it. If both your hands are on the keyboard, hold down Ctrl and reach up to the +/- keys to quickly pan in or out. If you’ve got one hand on your mouse, hold Ctrl and run the scroll wheel up or down.Next page: More time-saving shortcuts… 1 2last_img read more

  • LinkedIn passwords cracked here are the worst

    first_imgIt is not the best time to be working at business-centric social networking site LinkedIn. The company has confirmed that millions of passwords, and possibly the account names associated with them, were stolen and posted on a Russian cracker website. Setting aside for a moment how annoying this is for users, it gives us an opportunity to chuckle at the poor password choices people continue to make.This is far from the first massive leak of confidential user information, but users continue to sign up with incredibly easy to crack passwords. The passwords were encrypted, but a little time and effort can take care of that, and most passwords have now been decoded due to their simplicity.Old favorites like “qwerty,” “letmein,” and “password” make prominent appearances in the leaked data. There are also some LinkedIn-specific treats like “linkedinpassword,” “iwantanewjob,” “ihatemyjob,” and my personal favorite: “linkedinblows.” One individual from the Russian site claims to have easily decoded a 15 character-long password that turned out to be the top row on the keyboard. The worst password of all, 12345, wasn’t present, but that is only because LinkedIn requires at least 6 characters. As such, 123456 was a popular choice.If you have a LinkedIn account it’s probably time to change your password right this second. Should you want a little peace of mind, check out LeakedIn, a site that sprang up in the immediate aftermath of the leak. Here, you can type in your password, which will be hashed with JavaScript before being transmitted, so don’t fret about that. The site will tell you if your password has been leaked or cracked.It goes without saying, but don’t use any compromised passwords on other sites. In fact, don’t reuse passwords at all if possible. Make your new password something with a special characters or two as well.via LeakedInlast_img read more

  • Fujifilm develops painless microneedle array to replace injections

    first_imgReceiving an injection from a doctor or nurse usually comes with some pain. The better they are (and more relaxed you are), the less pain you feel, but there’s always some. Fujifilm believes it has come up with a solution to this problem by replacing injections with a new micro-needle array.Injections hurt because they require stabbing a relatively large, metal tube through the skin. Your body is going to react to the trauma and send pain signals to your brain when this happens. Fujifilm’s micro-needle array bypasses that problem by using lots of very tiny protrusions (each between 100-2000 micrometers). They still break through the skin, but don’t cause any pain when doing so due to their size.The method of medicine delivery has also been adjusted to suit the array. Rather than a liquid being injected, small amounts of the desired medicine is trapped inside each micro-needle. Each protrusion will dissolve quickly when applied to the patient’s skin, and in so doing the medicine is released into the body. If you want to vary the dose, you just add or remove protrusions from the array.When I read it was Fujifilm developing this array I thought it a little strange as they are primarily an imaging company. However, it’s the technology used to produce photographic film that has made the micro-needle array possible. It’s also very easy to adjust the size, shape, and number of protrusions the array has as required.Tests have already been carried out on animals using the array, with the results showing it works as well as a standard injection. The next stage is to start testing it on humans, and then hopefully painful injections can become a thing of the past. And chances are, this will make it to doctor’s surgeries long before we ever see MIT’s hypospray.More at Fujifilm, via Tech-onlast_img read more

  • SlimFold MICRO hits Kickstarter to fund the thinnest wallet ever

    first_imgThose of you who can’t stand a bulky wallet in your pocket, take notice: SlimFold is on a mission to build the thinnest wallet ever made, and it’s taking to Kickstarter to get production rolling.SlimFold isn’t new to this game. The company’s original wallet was already pretty darn thin. The new model takes things to what has to be very close to the bare minimum. It’s sized to hold dollars (both U.S. and Canadian), Pound notes, and Euros, as well as  eight to 12 of your most important cards. When laid flat, the SlimFold MICRO measures just 7.3cm tall and 20cm wide.Like the original, it’s made from Tyvek — which is an ideal material for something like a wallet. Apart from being quite thin, it’s also waterproof and ridiculously durable — perfect for something that’s going to be abused the way wallets typically are.SlimFold isn’t the only company making wallets out of Tyvek. You’ve probably seen Dynomighty Design’s Mighty Wallet at a Spencer’s Gifts or your favorite local pop culture store. They’re several times thicker than the MICRO, but that’s not necessarily saying much. They’re still pretty thin. Mighty Wallets generally go for $15 to $25 depending on where you’re shopping (though I’ve seen them as cheap as $4 on sale). The SlimFold MICRO is also selling for around the same price. While the two lowest tiers have sold out, you can still secure one with a pledge of $20.If you’re more into simple styling on your wallet than pop designs like Batman and Superman logos or the cast of The Simpsons, the almost-leather look of the SlimFold might be just fit the bill.last_img read more

  • What real power does Steven Bannon have in a Trump administration

    first_img Image: Evan Vucci By Gráinne Ní Aodha Friday 3 Feb 2017, 12:01 AM 21,193 Views What real power does Steven Bannon have in a Trump administration? Steve Bannon is described as ‘power-hungry’, and has been given more power than most US advisors. But what can he actually do? Feb 3rd 2017, 12:01 AM Share70 Tweet Email7 “Darkness is good,” Bannon told The Hollywood Reporter shortly after Trump’s win. “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.” Image: Evan Vucci “Darkness is good,” Bannon told The Hollywood Reporter shortly after Trump’s win. “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.” Short URL Source: TimeIn its latest cover story, Time magazine calls him ‘The Great Manipulator’, Trump’s alter-ego and a true believer. In his profile David Von Drehle also asks whether he is the second most powerful man in the world. Quoting a ‘longtime Trump ally’, he writes:Trump is the one deciding which items to tick off. ‘Bannon’s just smart enough to give him the list.’With reporting by AP Read: Trump hires head of a right-wing website in latest campaign reshuffleRead: Trump’s new campaign chief was charged with domestic violence 52 Comments PEOPLE ARE PAYING more and more attention to a man who has rarely spoken in public over the past two weeks – but seems to have an extraordinary sway in the Trump White House. That man is the US president’s chief strategist Steve Bannon.Bannon has been largely credited with Donald Trump’s election win – swooping into the campaign at a time when the television personality hadn’t gained much momentum.Trump hasn’t stopped rewarding him: Trump recently gave Bannon a seat on the powerful National Security Council Principals Committee, an unprecedented move for a man with relatively little experience.So what power does Bannon have, and what else can we expect from Trump’s closest advisors?Some academics have been speaking to to find out just how much influence a chief strategist has – and how different Bannon is from previous advisors.Who is Steve Bannon? Source: Evan Vucci/PA ImagesSteve Bannon is a former US Navy officer and Harvard MBA who left behind Goldman Sachs and investment banking, capitalised on an entertainment deal that left him with a share of Seinfeld royalties, founded an institute to ferret out government corruption and created a number of his own films, including paeans to Sarah Palin, the tea party movement and Ronald Reagan.Bannon took over Breitbart News after the sudden death of its founder in 2012 left people wondering what would become of the website.Brietbart News had a racist-charged history before Bannon took charge – choosing and framing stories around white-racial panic. It also used to have a ‘black crime’ section.According to Breitbart News, it does perpetuate white supremacy. When compared to neo-Nazis before, the website said “white skinheads are dumb, and we’re smart” – suggesting the only difference is an intellectual one.Under Bannon’s guidance, Breitbart grew into one the right’s most powerful voices as it took on establishment Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan.Critics, however, accused Bannon of allowing the website to become a platform for the white nationalist sentiments of the alt-right – a charge Bannon has denied.His politics appear to skew closer to European, right-wing populist views than the typical American conservative agenda. He’s described himself as an “economic nationalist” and has long advocated for closing off the nation’s borders.He hasn’t done many interviews since joining Trump’s campaign, so what we know is based on old interviews – and they’re quite telling.The most notable quote from him came in an interview with Ronald Radosh:He never called himself a “populist” or an “American nationalist”, as so many think of him today. “I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly proclaimed.Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.When Radosh contacted him afterwards, Bannon said they had never met and denied making the remarks.So how much power does he have? Source: Evan Vucci/PA ImagesAs Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor, Bannon has a hand in crafting the president’s inaugural address and in selecting his Cabinet, and bringing in aides from his conservative media empire.“The role as a chief strategist is a new position,” says Emanuel Coman, lecturer in political sciences at Trinity College Dublin.It’s a first time that a campaign manager seems to have been given the same value as a Cabinet secretary.“The role of the senior advisor is not particularly well-defined by law,” adds David Fitzgerald, lecturer in International Politics, at the School of History UCC.He says that although the name and the prominence of the role changes with each administration, usually the appointed campaign manager serves as the president’s conscience after the election, reminding him what he promised during a campaign.Every president will treat their advisor differently – you couldnt look up a dictionary definition of what he does.Fitzgerald says that Bannon’s role as chief strategist is already different from senior advisors, as his role in drafting executive orders would be unusual – that is normally the job of the Federal agencies.“He doesn’t have to, but Trump’s supposed to take expert advice on decisions,” says Coman. “Bannon seems to be the most influential person when it comes to decisions taken by Donald Trump.The administration also seems to have an aversion to expertise; take the order on immigration – it was written poorly, they didn’t ask advice about how to draft an order and it caused confusion in the federal courts.Even more unusual is Bannon’s placement to the National Security Council which drew howls from Democrats and even some Republicans. Bernie Sanders called it “dangerous and unprecedented”.“Even George Bush wouldn’t let his chief advisor Karl Rove near the National Security Council, as it’s seen as being meant for senior experienced politicians,” says Fitzgerald, adding that Bannon’s influence will depend greatly on how long he’ll be in that role.There are a lot of parallels between this early administration and Richard Nixon’s, Fitzgerald believes.“I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something like Watergate again (because of their paranoia and personalities). I think we’ll see them using federal agencies to go after people, and the agencies can resist, but only a little.”“Wait until the midterm of 2018, based on history there will probably be a swing back to the Democrats, there are all sorts of scopes for investigations into Trump [that will come to light by then].“It’s not really clear if Bannon’s influencing Trump or if Trump picked him because of his views – remember Trump promised a Muslim ban before Bannon was involved,” Coman says.What people have said about Bannon Source: Evan Vucci/PA ImagesFormer deputy campaign manager David Bossie, who introduced Trump to Bannon in 2011, says the two got to know each other as Trump appeared multiple times on Bannon’s Breitbart radio show over the years.“They believe in each other’s agendas, which is why they have grown so close,” says Bossie.Still, the two are an unusual match. While Trump is not an avid reader, Bossie describes Bannon as “a carnivore of books” who’s always reading and talking history – ancient Greece, the Civil War and World War II.“He wants to be the intellectual, strategist bomb-thrower,” says former House speaker and informal Trump adviser Newt Gingrich. “He does not want to be the guy who makes the trains run on time.”Critics see more self-interest than devotion to conservatism in Bannon’s history.“He’s really good at ingratiating himself to prominent people,” says Ben Shapiro, a former Breitbart editor who’s now a Bannon critic.After Breitbart died, adds Shapiro, Bannon began using the website to promote Trump – “and then he was able to use that to enter into the halls of power.”Another critic, Ben Howe, a filmmaker and conservative blogger who once considered Bannon a mentor and friend, says that while Bannon cultivates the unassuming, rumpled look in public, “he’s nothing like that behind the scenes,” talking nonstop and screaming at those who cross him.Bannon, he says, “just looks at Trump as a good vehicle to get into power so that he can accomplish his objectives”. 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  • Marking Colm Cooper continuing to improve at 29 and adapting to Kerrys

    first_img Share Tweet Email Friday 28 Apr 2017, 8:00 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 16,452 Views Marking Colm Cooper, continuing to improve at 29 and adapting to Kerry’s new-found aggression Philly McMahon reflects his rivalry with the departing Kerry legend, and also looks to the future. Quiz: Can you recognise these former All-Ireland U21 football winners?Miss the Pat Fox episode of Laochra Gael last night? It’s here in full Short URL Apr 28th 2017, 8:00 AM Follow us: 27 Comments By Kevin O’Brien LOOKING BACK, PHILLY McMahon might have played a bigger role than most defenders in Colm Cooper’s recent decision to retire from inter-county duty. Source: James Crombie/INPHOWhen Eamonn Fitzmaurice took charge of the Kingdom in 2013, he reinvented Cooper from a corner-forward to a playmaker at 11.Cooper thrived in his new role at centre-forward that year and lit up Croke Park with a devastating first-half display in the All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Dublin.The Dr Crokes icon missed the entire 2014 season with a devastating knee injury, but returned to action in April 2015.That September, Cooper lined out as a link man between the half-forward line and inside-forwards for the All-Ireland final against Dublin. The difference this time was the Dubs were ready for him.Jim Gavin deployed McMahon on Cooper, with the instruction to break forward at every opportunity. McMahon outscored his illustrious opponent and gave a performance that delivered his first All-Star and catapulted him into the running for Footballer of the Year.It also provided managers around the country with the blueprint to deal with Cooper – keep him busy tracking runners into his own defence. Philly McMahon was at the John West Féile 2017 Launch in Croke Park Source: Sam Barnes/SPORTSFILE“I took huge satisfaction that I’d done my job,” McMahon says about his performance that day.“It wasn’t really about him. It was about could I keep my man away from getting scores, could I keep him off the ball as much as possible?“That was my goal that year, whether I was marking him or another player that was it.“I would have liked to mark him two or three years (earlier), let’s say around 2012 or 2011. I would have loved to mark him and see what he was capable of.“All players in my head are really good if they’re not challenged, if they’re not taken outside their comfort zone. Who am I to question what he won or how good he was?“He certainly is a player you have to respect and he’ll always be remembered by this generation anyway, that he was one of the best forwards.”Last month, the 33-year-old ‘Gooch’ called it a day. His body wasn’t able to keep up with the rigours of inter-county football anymore.“I basically told (Eamonn) that my body was tired, that I just wasn’t sure I had the energy,” Cooper said after the announcement. Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHOMcMahon admits he was surprised to hear the news from the Kingdom about his old foe.“I thought he would have played that (league final),” he says. “But when you look at him winning the club championship, that was probably the last one on his bucket list.“But if it was me, I would have played that game. Will I miss him? I don’t know. Would I miss any player that I mark? I don’t know. No, I won’t lose sleep.”Just like teams adapted to Cooper’s role further out the field, McMahon noticed opposing teams started to treat him differently after what he considers his finest season in a Dublin jersey two years ago.“It’s getting harder because you have to keep constantly evolving your game. It would have been easy for me in 2015, because I had a shift in the offensive play. Now other counties are copping onto that, so then I have to shift it again.“There’s a lot of variables that change how you’re going to improve as a footballer. It just depends to how other players or teams adapt to how you play, but then also the things that you do extend away from the sport is very important.“I want to get ahead of where I was last year. Small parts of my game, physically I want to be in better shape, I want to increase my fitness. I just want to get ahead of where I was last year.“I want to change my mindset to feeling that I’m ahead of where I was last year. Then, physically, that’ll all come after that.“I don’t want to be chasing (2015), I want to be chasing a new year.” McMahon during the recent league final Source: James Crombie/INPHOWithout Cooper, Kerry ended Dublin’s long unbeaten run in the league final, and it also marked their first win over the Metropolitans in Croke Park since 2009The biggest difference McMahon has noticed from Fitzmaurice’s men this year has been their physicality. He stresses he’s not “complaining about it.” It’s up to Dublin to figure out how they can counter it.“They were aggressive,” he continues. “We’re aggressive. Every team’s aggressive. But you know the difference between being aggressive and going a step ahead, in a good way.“I like playing teams that have something different about them. So if I said Kerry were a bit more aggressive and that was a difference, that makes us step outside our comfort zone and say, ‘how do we adapt to this?’“If it’s the blanket defence, I don’t complain about that. These things make us evolve as players, become smarter. So if Kerry are more aggressive, what do we do?”The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us!last_img read more

  • Simon Coveney says water committee seems to be moving in extremely worrying

    first_img Apr 7th 2017, 8:02 AM Simon Coveney Simon Coveney Image: Leah Farrell/ 16,216 Views By Órla Ryan 129 Comments SIMON COVENEY HAS written to the chair of the Oireachtas committee on the future of domestic water services expressing concern about the committee’s draft report.The Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government Minister wrote to independent Senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh yesterday, amid growing tensions between the committee’s government and opposition members.The letter states: ”Frankly, on the basis of advice that has been provided to me, the Committee is moving further away from enabling Ireland to be compliant with our EU obligations.“I have very many concerns around the new text but principally they relate to 3 key issues that relate to the requirements under the WFD (Water Framework Directive) of the principle of cost recovery and the polluter pays.“The first is that the language used tends towards an interpretation that only wilful waste is to be targeted, i.e. where a subjective intention to waste water would need to be proven, resulting in the absence of any constriction from households to cost recovery. Simon Coveney says water committee seems to be moving in ‘extremely worrying’ direction The minister has said some of the wording agreed by the committee is “deeply ambiguous” and at odds with the EU. Image: Leah Farrell/ Share495 Tweet Email Friday 7 Apr 2017, 8:02 AM This fundamentally calls into question the adequacy of the proposed arrangements, whereby excess water usage is not included, in terms of cost recovery. Similarly, it does not in any way incentivise efficient water consumption in line with the polluter pays principle.“The deeply ambiguous wording to “an approach based on incentives and penalties” is very problematic. Previous text that appeared to have been agreed in principle by the Committee included reference to a levy based system.“The current text calls into question the practical recovery costs in any meaningful way. Moreover, a system based on criminal penalties alone cannot be said to be aimed even in ironical at recovering costs.”‘Extremely worrying’ “Thirdly, the Committee’s change of direction on metering over the course of its meetings this week is extremely worrying … I must point out that the European Commission is on record as saying that metering must be the basis of charging for excessive use.“The decision by the Committee to resile from its previous agreed text requiring all new dwellings to be and refurbishments to be installed with meters – at no cost to the Exchequer – clearly places us at odds with the Commission.”Coveney noted that, under the previous text, “at least half a million homes would have had meters installed over the course of the next 20 years assuming a construction rate of 25,000 new homes per annum”.He added that the new text “drastically” weakens “our position in putting forward a coherent package to demonstrate compliance” and “creates a clear inequity between households with and households without meters”.Coveney said he appreciated the work of the committee and his letter was not “an attempt by me to in any way seek interfere” with its deliberations, rather him pointing out that the recommendations produced by the Oireachtas need to comply with EU obligations.Read: Fine Gael says water committee report is illegal and it won’t support itRead: ‘We’re not going to have a general election over water’ – Could this be the row to take down the government? Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

  • Boeing pledges to prevent future crashes as it unveils fix to flight

    first_img Wednesday 27 Mar 2019, 7:47 PM 29 Comments AVIATION GIANT BOEING has pledged to do all it can to prevent crashes like the two that killed nearly 350 people in recent months, as it unveiled a fix to the flight software of its grounded 737 MAX aircraft.Boeing gathered hundreds of pilots and reporters to unveil the changes to the MCAS stall prevention system, which has been implicated in the tragedies in Ethiopia and Indonesia, as part of a charm offensive to restore the company’s reputation.“We are going to do everything to make sure that accidents like this don’t happen again,” Mike Sinnett, Boeing’s vice president of product strategy, told reporters.Meanwhile, the head of the US air safety agency will face harsh questions from senators over its relationship with and oversight of Boeing.US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and other top officials were also on the hot seat on Capitol Hill today.Boeing chief Dennis Muilenburg will be absent from the Senate hearing, which was to begin at 7pm, but is expected to testify at a later date. Ahead of the major day of reckoning, the company launched a campaign to convince the flying public that it is addressing the issues with the 737 MAX, including a fix to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) implicated in the deadly crashes. At the company’s massive factory in Renton, Washington, Boeing unveiled the software changes and offered reassurances.Sinnett said it will take only about an hour to install the updates and they can begin as soon as regulators authorize the changes, which were developed “after months of testing and hundreds of hours”.Authorization pending The MCAS, which makes the aircraft dive in order to regain speed if it detects a stall or loss of airspeed, was developed specifically for the 737 MAX, which has a heavier engine than its predecessor, the 737 NG.Among the changes, the MCAS will no longer repeatedly make corrections when the pilot tries to regain control, and will be automatically disconnected in the event of disagreements between the two “angle of attack” (AOA) sensors, the company said.This is a major change because until the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy earlier this month, the MCAS was set to react to information from a single sensor and would repeatedly override pilot corrections.The initial investigation into the Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October found that one of the AOA sensors failed but continued to transmit erroneous information to the MCAS.Boeing also will install a warning feature — at no cost — called a “disagree light” to indicate to the pilot when the left and right AOA sensors are out of sync.The company also is revising pilot training, including for those already certified on the 737, to provide “enhanced understanding of the 737 MAX” flight system and crew procedures.‘Directly involved’  National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt appears before a Senate Transportation subcommittee on commercial airline safety, on Capitol Hill, Wednesday Source: Alex Brandon via PA IMAGESIn Washington, US aviation regulators were to face the music amid questions about how certification for the MAX was handled.Lawmakers also want to know why officials delayed the decision to ground the aircraft following the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy, in which a MAX 8 crashed shortly after takeoff near Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people onboard.The delay has given rise to suspicions of a too-cosy relationship between regulators and the American aircraft manufacturer, especially since Chinese and European authorities moved quickly to ban the planes due to the similarities with the Lion Air crash. Dan Elwell, the acting head of the Federal Aviation Administration, which sets standards for air safety around the world, has defended his agency.The FAA – which delegates some certification procedures to Boeing, including parts of the MAX– was “directly involved” in the safety review of the MCAS, Elwell said in his prepared testimony, obtained by AFP.“The certification process was detailed and thorough,” but “time yields more data,” Elwell was to tell senators.He acknowledged that as systems become more complex, the FAA’s “oversight approach needs to evolve.”At a separate hearing, Chao said she was “concerned about any allegations of cosiness with any company,” but noted that allowing Boeing to handle some of its own safety certifications was necessary because the FAA “can’t do it on their own.”The FAA chief also was to reassure senators that regulators will not rush the MAX back into the skies.“The 737 MAX will return to service for US carriers and in US airspace only when the FAA’s analysis of the facts and technical data indicate that it is appropriate,” Elwell was to say.© – AFP, 2019  By AFP Mar 27th 2019, 7:47 PM Image: Ted S. Warren VIA PA Images Share36 Tweet Email1 center_img 19,885 Views Short URL A worker enters a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane during a brief media tour of Boeing’s 737 assembly facility, Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Image: Ted S. Warren VIA PA Images Boeing pledges to prevent future crashes as it unveils fix to flight system The company launched a campaign to convince the flying public that it is addressing the issues with the 737 MAX. A worker enters a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane during a brief media tour of Boeing’s 737 assembly facility, Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

  • Curious and inquisitive person Closing arguments finish in Patrick Quirke murder trial

    first_img By Eoin Reynolds Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 7:30 PM ‘Curious and inquisitive person’: Closing arguments finish in Patrick Quirke murder trial Farmer Quirke has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Bobby Ryan in 2011. Farmer Patrick Quirke arriving at the Dublin Central Criminal Court THE EVIDENCE AGAINST murder accused Patrick Quirke amounts to no more than suspicion and is not enough to convince a jury that he killed Bobby Ryan, a defence barrister has told the love rival murder trial at the Central Criminal Court.Bernard Condon SC also criticised the garda investigation and told the jury they had been given substandard evidence due to failures in the investigation.He asked them to imagine themselves or a person they love in his position, having done what he can to assist gardaí and then having had everything he said interpreted in the worst possible way and be accused based on what Mary Lowry said and “a couple of internet searches”.Condon completed his eight-hour speech to the jury of six men and six women today by asking them to acquit his client.The jury will return next Tuesday 23 April to hear the judge’s charge from Justice Eileen Creedon before they begin their deliberations. Quirke of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Bobby Ryan, a part-time DJ known as Mr Moonlight. Mr Ryan went missing on 3 June 2011 after leaving his girlfriend Mary Lowry’s home at about 6.30am.His body was found in an underground run-off tank on the farm owned by Lowry and leased by the accused at Fawnagown, Tipperary 22 months later in April 2013. The prosecution has claimed Quirke murdered Mr Ryan so he could rekindle an affair with Lowry (52).Condon reminded the jury that his client told gardaí he was a “curious and inquisitive” person. He suggested that much of what the prosecution sought to use against him could be explained by these traits. You might say he is a “nosy parker,” Condon said, adding, “nobody would like to be called nosy but we all have flaws and personality quirks but that’s not murder.”He asked the jury to look fairly and with nuance at the evidence that Quirke’s computer was used to search for information on DNA and “human body decomposition” while Ryan was still a missing person.You could not, he said, convict based on those searches. Quirke told gardaí he was “inquisitive by nature” and Condon warned the jury of the “great risk” of making a leap based on those searches alone.He said: “If they move you, they will move you to no more than suspicion.”‘Denied, denied, denied’They were general searches, he said, with no specific detail relating to this case, carried out in circumstances where Bobby Ryan was missing and Quirke was following the disappearance in the news. There was, Condon said, reference in the news to Trace Ireland and cadaver dogs having been used to try to find him. There is nothing in those searches to do with bodies decomposing in water or in an airtight container, which would be specific to this case. He asked the jury what weight they could place on the searches and whether they can be relied on.Counsel further reminded the jury of Quirke’s garda interviews in which he said that if he knew where Ryan’s body was and wanted to know what condition it was in all he had to do was open the tank and look.He noted that in interview that Quirke had referenced his deceased son when asked about the decomposition searches. Condon said it may be “macabre” but people do the strangest things on their computers.“You are invited to weigh the evidence but you are not entitled to start and jump all the way to the end,” he said. “You can’t go straight to guilty on the basis of some searches on the internet over a couple of minutes in December.”He described the prosecution as requiring “enormous leaps” and stated that the height of the prosecution case is suspicion. He told the jurors they don’t know anything about what happened on 3 June 2011.All the jury has, Condon said, is “this little piece which does not achieve what the prosecution wants it to achieve which is to convince you with certainty that this man, who has denied, denied, denied, actually killed Bobby Ryan.” He said there is no hard evidence and this search alone is not enough to convict.Counsel called on the jury to start from the position that Quirke is innocent and to imagine themselves or a person they love in his position having done what he can to assist gardaí and having had everything he said interpreted in the worst possible way. To be accused based on what Mary Lowry said and a couple of internet searches. He concluded: “I ask you to acquit this man.”‘Reasonable doubt’Earlier, Condon criticised the garda investigation telling the jury they had been given substandard evidence due to failures in the investigation. He urged the jury to approach the prosecution’s claims with “great care and skepticism”.Condon told the jury that gardai should have searched Mary Lowry’s house at Fawnagowan, the last place Mr Ryan was reported alive in 2011. They should also have video taped the removal of Mr Ryan’s body from the tank in 2013. They had failed to tell a pathologist that a concrete lid covering the tank cracked, dropping debris onto the body, he said.They should have used the garda sub aqua team to recover the body rather than the fire brigade. They had failed, he said, to record the finding of a hair clip in the tank beside the body, something Condon suggested the prosecution was trying to “airbrush” out of the case.He said prosecution counsel Michael Bowman had “pooh poohed it”. When senior investigating officer Inspector Patrick O’Callaghan was asked about the clip, counsel said he “jumped to” the suggestion that it could have belonged to the Lowry sisters who grew up on the farm.Condon said the “more obvious” person would be Mary Lowry who had been living on the farm for the previous 15 years. Dr Khalid Jaber, the former deputy state pathologist, did not attend the scene where the body was found, something that Acting State Pathologist Dr Michael Curtis and former Northern Ireland State Pathologist Professor Jack Crane said they would have done.Dr Jaber retained only one maggot from the body to be analyzed by an entomologist and did not note if it was alive or dead when he found it, Condon said. He also failed to retain any of the adult flies seen on the body. Counsel said it was “extraordinary” that gardaí emptied onto the ground the contents of the vacuum tanker which Quirke said he used to draw water from the tank before discovering the body. A sixth class student, Condon suggested, could have come up with the idea to empty the contents into buckets or bringing the tanker to another location to be measured and analysed.He said the prosecution was now seeking to draw inferences against Quirke based on the assertion of one garda who estimated that only a small amount of water came out of the tanker.Condon asked the jury if they were satisfied that gardaí at the scene had maintained evidence with such “robustness” that they would have no criticism and no sleepless nights. He further asked if they could be satisfied that the hair clip had been excluded and does not amount to a reasonable doubt.Comments are closed as legal proceedings are ongoing Image: Farmer Patrick Quirke arriving at the Dublin Central Criminal Court Image: RollingNews.iecenter_img Share2 Tweet Email1 18,433 Views Apr 16th 2019, 7:31 PM No Comments Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

  • Group behind farright Charlottesville rally gets approval for white civil rights march

    first_img 82 Comments THE ORGANISER OF a far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, during which a woman was killed, has received approval for a ‘white civil rights’ march in Washington DC.The rally is scheduled to take place on 12 August, the anniversary of last year’s ‘Unite the Right’ event, which saw hundreds of white nationalist marchers clash with counter-protesters.Later in the day James Alex Fields Jr, who was a self-identified Nazi, drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring dozens.The Washington Post reports that the Washington State Park Service has approved the request, made by organiser Jason Kessler, but has not yet issued a permit.In the application, Kessler describes the purpose of the rally as “protesting civil rights abuse in Charlottesville Va/white civil rights rally”. He had applied to hold an anniversary rally in Charlottesville but this request was denied.He said attendees will meet at a rally point and then march to Lafayette Park to give speeches. They will then march back to the rally point.He noted on the application that “members of Antifa affiliated groups will try to disrupt” the rally.The Park Service has said it is now gathering information from the organisers of the event and will use that to create a permit. By Michelle Hennessy Jun 21st 2018, 9:08 AM Image: SIPA USA/PA Images Thursday 21 Jun 2018, 9:08 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: SIPA USA/PA Images 17,616 Views Short URL Share36 Tweet Email Group behind far-right Charlottesville rally gets approval for ‘white civil rights’ march in Washington The rally is due to take place on the anniversary of the Charlottesville event during which a woman was killed. last_img read more

  • Brunswick candidates eye Greek vote

    first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The inner Melbourne seat of Brunswick has always housed a large number of Greek Australians, and in the upcoming state election, the traditional Labor seat is under tight competition from the Greens. If you seek to represent this area, you need to do so celebrating the Greek community.The ALP candidate, Jane Garrett, signed a petition to get Modern Greek included in the National Curriculum, saying the issue was important to many Greek Australians she’d met while campaigning. “If you seek to represent this area, you need to do so celebrating the Greek community,” she told Neos Kosmos, adding that, along with Italian and Arabic Australians, Greek Australians are one of the three major multicultural groups in the electorate. “My strong connections with Brunswick and its extensive Greek community continually remind me of the important contribution the Greeks have made to Australia’s history and their essential role in our country’s future,” she said. Ms Garrett, who said her family has lived in the area for six generations, said maintaining Greek language was essential to maintaining Greek culture in the area. “It is through the Greek community’s efforts, especially over the past 60 years, that Brunswick has become known as one of the pillars of Greek language education.” But Greens candidate Cindy Dawes says she’s met plenty of Greek Australians while campaigning, and won’t be presenting any policies or announcements specifically for Brunswick’s large Hellenic community. “I think the concerns of the Greek community are universal,” she said, noting health care, aged care and water as among the key concerns of voters she’s met. “Particularly, older Greek women are quite concerned about water,” she said. “I think it’s because they’re gardeners and they’ve been frugal all their lives.” She said she’s also committed to getting Modern Greek onto the national curriculum, and encouraging language learning in government schools. “I think our policies around aged care and the work we’ve done on seeking concession rates for aged pensioners will speak to the Greek community,” she said. She said the seat was going to be a very tight competition, adding that it was difficult to know what impact the retirement of the ALP’s sitting member Carlo Carli would have in the seat’s multicultural community. “People have said, ‘now Carlo’s not running, I feel liberated to vote Greens,’ but it’s hard to know,” she said. “Do people vote for a person or a party?” She said the Greens have doorknockers who speak Greek.last_img read more

  • Greek government austerity measures

    first_imgThe Greek parliament has adopted the latest set of austerity measures needed to secure another payment under the bail-out from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The five-year plan was changed last week to allow for more money to be raised through tax increases and less money to be saved through spending cuts. The plan involves cutting 14.32bn euros ($20.50bn; £12.82bn) of public spending, while raising 14.09bn euros in taxes over five years. These are some of the austerity measures planned. TAXATION Taxes will increase by 2.32bn euros this year, with additional taxes of 3.38bn euros in 2012, 152m euros in 2013 and 699m euros in 2014.A solidarity levy of between 1% and 5% of income will be levied on households to raise 1.38bn euros.The tax-free threshold for income tax will be lowered from 12,000 to 8,000 euros. There will be higher property taxes VAT rates are to rise: the 19% rate will increase to 23%, 11% becomes 13%, and 5.5% will increase to 6.5%. The VAT rate for restaurants and bars will rise to 23% from 13%. Luxury levies will be introduced on yachts, pools and cars. Some tax exemptions will be scrapped Excise taxes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol will rise by one third. Special levies on profitable firms, high-value properties and people with high incomes will be introduced. PUBLIC SECTOR CUTS The public sector wage bill will be cut by 770m euros in 2011, 600m euros in 2012, 448m euros in 2013, 300m euros in 2014 and 71m euros in 2015. Nominal public sector wages will be cut by 15%. Wages of employees of state-owned enterprises will be cut by 30% and there will be a cap on wages and bonuses. All temporary contracts for public sector workers will be terminated. Only one in 10 civil servants retiring this year will be replaced and only one in 5 in coming years. SPENDING CUTS Defence spending will be cut by 200m euros in 2012, and by 333m euros each year from 2013 to 2015. Health spending will be cut by 310m euros this year and a further 1.81bn euros in 2012-2015, mainly by lowering regulated prices for drugs.Public investment will be cut by 850m euros this year. Subsidies for local government will be reduced. Education spending will be cut by closing or merging 1,976 schools. CUTTING BENEFITS Social security will be cut by 1.09bn euros this year, 1.28bn euros in 2012, 1.03bn euros in 2013, 1.01bn euros in 2014 and 700m euros in 2015. There will be more means-testing and some benefits will be cut. The government hopes to collect more social security contributions by cracking down on evasion and undeclared work. The statutory retirement age will be raised to 65, 40 years of work will be needed for a full pension and benefits will be linked more closely to lifetime contributions. PRIVATISATION The government aims to raise 50bn euros from privatisations by 2015, including:Selling stakes this year in the betting monopoly OPAP, the lender Hellenic Postbank, port operators Piraeus Port and Thessaloniki Port as well as Thessaloniki Water. It has agreed to sell 10% of Hellenic Telecom to Deutsche Telekom for about 400m euros.Next year, the government plans to sell stakes in Athens Water, refiner Hellenic Petroleum, electricity utility PPC, lender ATE bank as well as ports, airports, motorway concessions, state land and mining rights. It plans further sales to raise 7bn euros in 2013, 13bn euros in 2014 and 15bn euros in 2015.source: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

  • Hellenic Museum open their secret doors

    first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Hellenic Museum will be one of the 75 Victorian unique and popular architectural treasures open to the public as part of Melbourne Open House.Constructed more than a century ago, the regal two-storey building has gain a reputation as a notable example of Renaissance Revival in Australia. Now running in its fourth year, Melbourne Open House throws open the doors into some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings to the public for a unique experience which allows visitors to engage with the city through its architecture. Robert Larocca, spokesperson of Melbourne Open House said the Hellenic Museum allows people to understand how the city has changed over time. A personal favourite of Larocca’s RMIT’s Storey Hall building has been featured as an example of the merge of the old and the new, as the 19th century building has been “refitted and revamped” without taking away its most-loved features.“It’s another part of that rich and vibrant culture and diversity that we have in the city. Melbourne Open House is about buildings, but buildings are about people and their lives,” he said. Another star of the event is the Russell Place sub-station, which Larocca says is akin to an “enormous cave underneath the city”, which has drawn long queues to its entrance for the past two events. Running underneath Russell Place, the urban “cavern” snakes about half the length of the city block and is three storeys deep. “I love the Capitol Theatre in Swanston Street. To go inside it and see the roof is absolutely amazing and it’s a style of architecture we just don’t see anymore,” he said. The two-day event attracted 60,000 visitors last year, and with 75 sites this year this number is expected to increase. Some of the sites open during the event is not normally open to the general public, such as the Anglican Archbishop ‘s East Melbourne residence, the Bishop’s Court mansion. The annual Open House is therefore a unique opportunity to see first-hand inside some of Melbourne’s hidden gems. “A lot of people don’t feel you can go inside them, they dont’ feel like they are invited in. It takes the act of explicitly linviting people in to give people a chance to become tourists in their own town,” he said. Larocca advises would-be visitors to plan ahead to get the most out of the free program. “Opening times and access arrangements differ so planning ahead is important.”last_img read more

  • Centreway gears up for Mediterranean Fiesta

    first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Centreway in Keilor East is preparing to stage the annual Mediterranean Fiesta this month, showcasing the tastes and sounds of Mediterranean cultures. Set to take place on Sunday 20 March, entry to the event is free of charge and promises an afternoon of family-friendly entertainment.Mayor of Moonee Valley Cr Andrea Surace is looking forward to the event, which will combine the celebration of community and diverse culture in an inclusive environment.“The Mediterranean Fiesta is a fantastic celebration of the long history of migration from European Mediterranean countries as well as other countries around the world, in a day for everyone to enjoy,” said Cr Surace.The program, which is an homage to the contribution made by the Mediterranean community to the City of Moonee Valley, features activities and entertainment for all ages to enjoy, alongsidecultural performances featuring the Manasis Dance School, Gruppo Culturale Italiano and the Maltese Philharmonic Band.“This year’s fiesta is jam-packed with a program that showcases Mediterranean music, food and traditions,” said arts and culture portfolio holder, Cr Jan Chantry.“People can take up the chance to learn all about Greek music in a traditional Greek instrument workshop, there will be cooking demonstrations for both the adults and the kids and a bocce competition!”The fiesta’s popular pesto competition is scheduled to take place once again, and the mayor is encouraging those with an award-winning recipe to submit their entries.The Mediterranean Fiesta will take place on Sunday 20 March at Centreway, Keilor East, Victoria from 12 noon-4.00 pm. For more information on the Mediterranean Fiesta, visit or call (03) 9243 8888.last_img read more

  • PanMacedonian Association of NSW to take part in the Greek Independence Day

    first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW will be participating in the Greek Independence Day Parade on 25 March 2018 in Sydney from Martin Place to the Opera House forecourt. The parade is held annually to commemorate the fallen and to celebrate the 197th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.Australians of Greek heritage – including FYROMs – have a rich history and culture celebrated on and around 25 March each year. Seven War of Independence fighters became the founders of the Greek Australian community, being exiled to Sydney Cove in August 1829, the first Greeks to land on these shores.Each March, Greek Australians honour all those who fought for freedom and democracy. Independence Day also serves as an opportunity to honour the service of Anzacs – soldiers, sailors, airmen and medical personnel – in Macedonia in both World Wars.The Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW calls on all its members and friends to support the wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph and the parade. Lay floral tributes, walk alongside us in traditional Macedonian dress or simply in Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW attire.As every year, traditional Macedonian music and dance will be an important part of the cultural program, honouring the tens of thousands of Macedonians who have made the supreme sacrifice for the independence of Greece and in defence of democracy.last_img read more